domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2019

Where I've been

¡Hola chicos y chicas! Tengo el blog super abandonado y aunque quiero volver a empezar a ser más activa, sigo necesitando fuerzas y tiempo, así que decidí compartir con vosotros algunas imágenes que publico en mi instagram para que veáis que aun estoy viva jajajaa

Hi boys and girls! I have this blog very abandoned so I think it's time I give some signs that I'm alive and share with you some of my latest posts on instagram, also remember to  "Locate your goods here

Order tracking

Hi boys and girls! Today I want to talk to you about a very interesting topic, beeing a blogger and active internet shopping consumer I always find myself searching for the best way to track my orders so I can have my life together nd know when I will recieve the items or if there is any problem with any of my orders, may it get lost or even with customs. For this I always use, I find it to be the best page for it and never dissapoints, I usually buy from China or Spain, so these are the links I use for each:
They're team that respect technology and idea and work on change the eCommerce industry. They make the Ordertracking for every single one to inhance the international parcles tracking experience. They want to buld a terrific free web tool to provide as much information with fewer clicks and redirecting.

On Ordertracking, you can
    Bulk Track DHL Packages in One Click
    Access tracking from anywhere at any time
    Follow up on Every Order by SMS
    Track for online Customer&Merchant easily

Let's be honest, in today's society this is one of the most useful tools you can use since almost everybody shops online. I gihhly recommend you checking their page and use their tool , you can get Timely notifications of every global order, keep delivery details of orders informed by SMS. Track order status and location by just checking message from ordertracking. Helps to reduce the package loss rate. They also have bulk track and trace tool, support major global carriers. Automatic Matching courier, view multiple delivery status in a single page. Saves time of online order tracking for customer and merchant handling multiple orders.
Tracking API available with global couries. Convenient to integrate tracking API and add parcel-tracking fuction to your own system. No need to bulid a completed tracking system by yourself, saving time for you and your team.
So now you know, if you're an online shopping addict like me go check them out and keep track of all your orders so you don't loose a peny in all your amazing shopping!
Love you all!

miércoles, 31 de julio de 2019

AW bridal

Hi boys and girls! Hi boys and girls! Today I want to talk to you about AW Bridal® USA, as you know I'm a wedding fannatic, it has been my dream since I was a small girl to have a princess wedding, I hope it is soon to come, but meanwhile I will show you this gorgeous dresses from their page. At you will get chic inspirations for weddings, proms, evenings, wedding accessories, party décor, etc. Have your wedding gown custom tailored, bridesmaid dresses delivered within 24 hours, and wedding reception DIY won’t cost you a fortune here. Creating your own design of dresses is also welcome. 
As a quality guarantee you can search for AW bridal Review and read all the comments about their page and all the people that bought from them. Also you can search in Amazon. Besides bride dresses and all special occasion dresses they also have AW Bridal Veils for Dresses and also there are the Mori Lee® veils

viernes, 26 de julio de 2019

Vestidos debajo de $100

¡Hola chicos y chicas! Hoy tengo para vosotros una selección vestidos de baile por debajo de $100  de la tienda como ya os he mostrado en posts anteriores tienen gran variedad de vestidos para todas las ocasiones y para todos los gustos, os recomiendo mucho que echéis un ojo a   su tienda si necesitáis un vestido para alguna ocasión, os vendrá genial y son de muy alta calidad y precios muy asequibles, los que os enseño abajo son todos a menos de $100, por lo que es un precio genial por la calidad que te garantizan. En mi selección podéis ver vestidos de todas las siluetas colores y estilos, desde el rojo sexy y largo hasta el amarillo con bordado de mariposas más femenino y elegante.
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Maira Gall